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Fiscal Partners

The Fiscal Partners program enables community groups in Atlanta and DeKalb County to raise funds for new playgrounds, enhanced landscaping and other park improvements without having to go through the process of securing 501(c)(3) nonprofit tax status.

With the Fiscal Partners program, Park Pride functions as a fiscal sponsor, which is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status that receives grants and donations on behalf of a group engaged in activities related to the sponsor’s charitable purpose (in this case, the improvement of parks and greenspace).

Program Benefits

  • This program provides low cost administrative services to registered Friends of the Park groups enrolled in the program.
  • Park Pride establishes a fund for each Friends of the Park partner group to track income and expenses.
  • Park Pride serves as trustee and assumes fiduciary responsibility for all project funds.
  • Groups can accept donations without having to become a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and Park Pride will send acknowledgment of tax-deductible contribution to all contributors.
  • The Fiscal Partners Program allows groups to focus on raising funds and making park improvements!


What services are included in a Fiscal Partnership?

  • Partner account to accept tax deductible contributions
  • Disbursements from partner account as authorized by Project Liaison
  • Donor acknowledgement
  • Receipts for in-kind donations
  • Processing and tracking of company matching gift applications
  • Tax reporting
  • Monthly account statements Database of project donors

Who can benefit from a Fiscal Partnership?

  • Organizations that wish to avoid the time and expense of applying for a 501(c)(3)
  • Organizations that have applied for (or are in the process of applying for) 501(c)(3) status

What is the Cost?

Park Pride’s standard fee for these services is 5% of contributions received.

What are the eligibility requirements

  • Fiscal Partner must be a registered Friends of the Park group
  • Funds must be used for: improvement and/or maintenance of a public park or greenspace; acquisition of land for public greenspace; programming designed to increase park usage
  • Partner must obtain approval to use Park Pride’s name and/or logo on all grant proposals, publicity, signage, and outreach materials
  • Partner must obtain Park Pride’s prior approval for all fundraising events and sales
  • Partner must submit annual report


Get Started

It’s quick and easy to submit an application to become a Park Pride Fiscal Partner.

Learn More

Fiscal Partner Program Forms

Title Document Type Description
Fiscal Partners Payment Authorization Form (Word)FormsAuthorization for reimbursement of incurred expenses.
Fiscal Partners Payment Authorization Form (PDF)FormsAuthorization for reimbursement of incurred expenses.
Fiscal Partners Liaison ChangeFormsAuthorization of Fiscal Liaison form.
Fiscal Partners Annual UpdateFormsComplete and submit Fiscal Partners annual report.
Fiscal Partners Account ApplicationApplicationsComplete and submit application to become a Park Pride Fiscal Partner.
Online Fiscal Partner Donation FormFormsMake a Gift to a Friends of the Park Group! Please use this form to make a gift that is restricted for use supporting the park or greenspace you designate through that space's Friends of the Park Group for the purpose of park improvement.