Vine City Park Ribbon Cutting – Recap

The Vine City Park Ribbon Cutting that took place on Thursday, May 19 was a wonderful celebration of the teamwork and collaboration that went into making this park a more  useful space for the Vine City community.

Elected government officials and representatives from nonprofit and community organizations participated in the celebration, including: Mayor Kasim Reed; Commissioner of Parks and Recreation-Amy Phuong; Counsilmember Ivory Lee Young Jr.; Chief of Police George N. Turner of Atlanta Police Department; Major Timothy Quiller of Atlanta Police Department; Executive Director of Park Pride-Michael Halicki;  Assistant Regional Counsel and Real Estate Associate, Stacy Funderburke; Linda Adams of the Vine City Civic Association; and Byron Amos of the Friends of Vine City Park.

The ribbon cutting marked the completion of the park’s Phase II developments, which includes acquisition of additional properties doubling the size of the park and allowing for a range of new amenities. Vine City Park (on Atlanta’s westside) now provides an expanded playground, new exercise equipment and green infrastructure features, such as a rain garden, a dry creek bed and a micro-forest, as well as educational signage explaining how these features will help to mitigate the flooding caused by stormwater runoff that has historically plagued the Vine City neighborhood.

Park Pride is proud of the role we played to help the Vine City community articulate their dreams for their park through our Park Visioning program that resulted in a conceptual masterplan for Vine City Park.

See below for a photo recap of the event.

IMGP6492“Greenspace of course is a very vital tool in our communities to help to ensure that we are vibrant, that we are economically stable, that we have wonderful places for adults and community members and children to visit all across the city.” -Amy Phuong, City of Atlanta’s Commissioner of Parks and Recreation.


IMG_8276“One goal of mine is to make sure that everyone in our city, no matter where they live, is within a half mile walk of a park or a greenspace. Today brings us closer to that reality in Vine City and the westside.” – City of Atlanta’s Mayor, Kasim Reed

“Parks bring an endless amount of good to neighborhoods. They contribute to the quality of life for all of us. They strengthen the tapestry that is the City of Atlanta. Greenspace helps cities breath. They add a natural rhythm to our daily routines. They help us slow down in our lives, stretch out, and reflect on our sense of community and the greater good.” -Mayor Kasim Reed


IMG_8286b“The community established a vision for re-purposing this ground, and we’ve done everything we could to grow and develop that vision. We’re in the shadow of new houses that have been built in the last 15-20 years, right around you, stimulated by this park. Residents who have been here for decades, as I have, are not leaving.” – City of Atlanta Coucilmember, Ivory Lee Young Jr.


IMG_8304b“What’s so inspirational about this park is that it has really, truly been a labor of love. It’s been a vision of the community, of the residents, of Byron Amos.” -Penny McPhee, President of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

“Park Pride has been an amazing partner for this park, and for so many parks in the City of Atlanta. We could not do it without Park Pride.” -Penny McPhee


IMG_8307b.jpg“This park is part of a larger vision. Park Pride developed a vision back in 2010 known as the Proctor Creek North Avenue Green Infrastructure Vision. Since that time we’ve been working with different partners to develop this vision park by park… So, echoing what Mayor Kasim Reed said, you haven’t seen anything yet. This is really just the second park in this larger greenspace vision.” -Michael Halicki, Executive Director of Park Pride



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