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Change isn’t easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight! However, each year Park Pride actively helps neighborhoods to transform their parks and communities through programs. See the difference that your dollars help to make possible through the Matching Grant Programs:

Reverend James Orange Park

For years, visitors to Oakland City Park had to pass a fenced, broken swimming pool to enter the park. Neighbors considered the park unsafe and parents wouldn’t allow their children to play there. When, in 2011, the park was renamed Reverend James Orange Park at Oakland City to honor a local hero, the community was inspired to push for a park worthy of its name. Park Pride worked with neighbors to develop a Park Vision that included a new pool, splashpad and playground. With the help of a Park Pride Legacy grant, the community’s dream became reality in July, 2015.  Local youth Jernard Evans expressed the community’s sentiment, “Now, when I come to the park, I feel joy!”

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