A Story of Transformation: Adams Park

“the partnership with park pride has been incredible.”
– Corliss Claire, Adams Park Foundation

When the Adams Park Foundation (a registered Friends of the Park group) began revitalizing their historic greenspace years ago, most areas were covered with overgrowth and invasive plants, obscuring common spaces from view and blocking walkways.

Adams Park 2007
Adams Park, 2007

Neighbors rolled up their sleeves and began the laborious process of clearing one area after another, uncovering gorgeous stone walls and paths, which spurred the group’s park dreams.

The Friends group successfully applied for a Park Pride grant to help fund the construction of a boardwalk across the lake. Finished this summer, the boardwalk completes a walking trail circling the lake, now very popular with joggers, fishermen and families.

Adams Park 2016
Adams Park Boardwalk, 2016

“The partnership with Park Pride has been incredible,” said Corliss Claire, an Adams Park Foundation leader, “Once they saw we were really dedicated and serious about our goals they said, ‘Let’s partner!’ and from there we completed these wonderful projects you see now!”


10 thoughts on “A Story of Transformation: Adams Park

  1. Big thanks to Corliss and Adams Park Foundation team and Park Pride for this amazing transformation! I have lived in Adams Park since 1984 and have never seen the Park shine in this way.

  2. Congratulations to all of the folks at the Adams Park Foundation and especially to Corliss Claire, whom I am honored to count as a good friend and fellow Keep Atlanta Beautiful, Inc board member. The changes in this city greenspace are astounding.

  3. Corky,

    Adams Park Foundation has put in a lot of work and hours to make this happen. Thank you all. It is a true accomplishment

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