A Story of Hope

Park Pride met the little girl pictured recently on a hot summer’s evening at a neighborhood gathering in the Mattie Freeland Greenspace, a collection of vacant lots in the English Avenue neighborhood. The event was part of Park Pride’s unique Park Visioning process which helps communities create a shared vision for a neighborhood park.

She arrived eager to share her hopes of transforming these lots. She dreams that one day there will be a public park in her neighborhood. Her neighbors are dreaming of a playground and maybe a splash pad or basketball court, and places to sit in the shade or have a picnic. They long for a safe, fun, well-maintained place to play and enjoy the outdoors. With your help, we believe hopes like these can be realized.


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Park Pride is about more than parks and greenspace—it’s about people.

Mattie Freeland Final Visioning

The Park Pride Visioning process builds hope by bringing people together in a series of design and public meetings where they can have a say in the future of their park. Throughout the process, Park Pride’s experienced Visioning team provides pictures and site plans to help the community envision possible outcomes. Community members get to know each other and experience working together as they develop shared goals. The master plan, or “Park Vision,” created includes documentation of the process and public participation, design drawings, and a prioritized list of projects with preliminary budgets.


Your support makes it possible for the Mattie Freeland community and others throughout Atlanta to participate in Park Visioning at no cost.

The process strengthens the community, and the resulting plan is a valuable resource as groups seek to turn their dreams into reality.

Your gift to Park Pride means so much—maybe more than you realize.

IMG_8488You see, individual donations such as yours are absolutely essential to Park Pride’s ongoing operations.

Because of donors like you, Park Pride has a terrific 25-year track record for engaging and empowering communities in park creation, improvement, and activation, bringing people together and building community spaces that endure.

When you make a donation, you also support Park Pride’s hallmark community-focused “Friends of the Park” DSC_2549program which is complemented by an award-winning Volunteer Program, time-saving administrative support through the Fiscal Partners Program, the Matching Grant Programs, and of course, the unique and award-winning Park Visioning Program. These programs simply would not be possible without your generosity.

Perhaps most importantly, because of your gift, children throughout Atlanta and DeKalb have the opportunity to feel hope, to see that their words matter, and to see that someday their dreams can come true in their local parks.

Please make a generous gift today to help Park Pride make 2016 even better for children across Atlanta and DeKalb.


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We are grateful for your support. Thank you!


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