Reverend James Orange Park Revitalization

The Reverend James Orange Park is located in the Oakland City neighborhood of southwest Atlanta.

In the summer of 2012, Park Pride’s Visioning Team  (Walt Ray and Becky Katz) lead the community through a re-design of Reverend James Orange Park and helped them create a Visioning Plan. One major concern the community had was the long abandoned pool and bathhouse…

Rev James Orange Park Demo 005 2rev orange 1 webThe community, empowered by the process of collaboration, applied to and was awarded a $100,000 Park Pride Legacy Grant in the Fall of 2012 to demolish the abandon pool and build a new playground. This grant inspired the City of Atlanta Parks Department and Mayor’s office to fulfill another piece of the vision plan; a new pool and bathhouse!

Rev James Orange Park Demo 002 2On February 6th, 2014, community members along with Park Pride staff, City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation staff, District 4 Councilwoman, Cleta Winslow, and Mayor Kasim Reed gathered at Reverend James Orange Park to witness the demolition of the old pool and bathhouse. Jamida Orange, the late Reverend James Orange’s daughter, was on-site and discussed the positive impact this park’s revitalization will have on the health of the community.

Rev James Orange Park Demo 011 2Then… they tore it all down!

Rev James Orange Park Demo 020 2The City of Atlanta expects the building of the new pool, bathhouse, and splash pad will be complete in 2015. Additional amenities to follow include a new pavilion, plaza, lighting, and stormwater management system. Below, Michael Halicki, Executive Director of Park Pride, Jamida Orange, and Becky Katz, Visioning Coordinator for Park Pride, are nothing but smiles!

Rev James Orange Park Demo 026 2We’ll keep you posted on the progress of events at Reverend James Orange Park!

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