Park Worker Recognition Program

Park Pride is pleased to announce a new program to recognize City of Atlanta Parks Department employees’ good work!


The idea is to find Parks Department staff doing great work and acknowledge it publicly. This is a citizen driven initiative. We are asking citizens to nominate park crews with specific examples of the good they see being done. The nominations will be taken from Friends of the Park groups, NPU’s and general park users. Parks Department employees can also submit nominations! Keep an eye out for our requests for nominations through social media, at the Commissioner’s Quarterly meeting, at the May and July Atlanta Planning Advisory Board meetings, and at monthly PARC meetings.

Or, you can NOMINATE HERE.

Make sure to get your nominations in by the 3rd Friday of each month – photos are also encouraged!


Any Parks Department employee can be nominated for any of the following:

  1. Excellent customer service;
  2. World class execution of routine maintenance;
  3. Timely support of approved citizen led special projects;
  4. Team work -Working across departments, districts or to support park improvements;


Winners will be recognized monthly! Park Pride staff will bring donuts, take photos and pass out certificates to the Parks Department employees taking home the prize.

The facts:

  • One to three winners will be recognized each month.
  • Each individual that wins one of the monthly awards will be entered into a drawing in October at the Park Workers Picnic.
  • Awards are open to any employee in the Parks Department (not Park Design or Recreation)
  • There will be at least three big prizes for the drawing at the Park Workers’ Picnic, including:
  1. Two tickets to a professional sports event (Falcons or Hawks or Braves);
  2. Two tickets to a cultural event (concert or play or comedy show);
  3. Restaurant Gift Card (Family Style).

Park Workers Picnic

The Park Recognition Program will culminate at the Park Workers Picnic at the end of summer. Each park team will be celebrated and recognized for keeping Atlanta’s parks B-E-A-UTIFUL and for all of the hard work that the staff puts in to keep the parks clean, cut and in good working order for the citizens and visitors of the City of Atlanta.


A submission form is available on Park Pride’s website and RIGHT HERE! Just fill it out and send to Ayanna Williams at and tell her all about it 🙂 If/when you see good work being done in parks, please take a moment to recognize those employees!  

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