Park Pride’s “Year of Play”

This year, to celebrate the spirit of play, Park Pride hosted two Play Days in partnership with Atlanta ContactPoint, bringing children and adults into neighborhood greenspaces to enjoy each other’s company, exercise, play games and have FUN!

Children learn how to pass with a lacrosse stick from a local coach

The Play Days at Reverend James Orange Park on June 18th and Collier Heights Park on September 24th attracted over 100 people into each park, where they enjoyed running obstacle courses, playing lacrosse and soccer, making smoothies on a bike blender, and much more!

Strength and confidence building has never been more fun than flipping tires!
bike blender
Ayanna Williams, Director of Community Building, blends smoothies on a bike!

Thank you, Kaiser Permanente, for supporting play in parks across the City of Atlanta!

Supported by Kaiser Permanente

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