Park Pride: for the greener good

Since the start of 2016, efforts have been underway to build upon Park Pride’s leadership role and operations to increase the impact of our core services. As a result of those efforts, the time has come for a new look for Park Pride that reflects our renewed energy and the power of parks.

call-out-box-1-imagePark Pride’s newly defined mission is to engage the community to activate the power of parks. With this newsletter, we proudly present a logo and tagline that capture the passion behind this work.

Park Pride’s new logo consists of a single blue and green line representing connectivity and the intersection of natural and manmade worlds. Parks connect people to their communities and people to the environment.

Blue, the color of air and water, plays a prominent role in our logo because it carries a broader message of sustainability. Parks are places where natural systems exist within an urban context. Parks clean our air and water and provide spaces for natural habitats to thrive.

Parks also benefit the physical and mental health of people who live near them. They’re good for businesses and economic development.

Park Pride tagline

Our new tagline — “for the greener good” — signifies that we are much more than just an environmental organization. It reflects our commitment to building a park system that maximizes the benefits parks offer, improving all aspects of life for the communities they serve. The greener good is also the greater good.

Park Pride’s new look reflects the reinvigoration of our 27-year-old organization in a way that embodies the power of parks, and we’re so excited to use our new website to share our progress for the greener good in parks and communities across Atlanta.

We look forward to continuing our journey with you!

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