Now Presenting: Michael Halicki as New Executive Director!

We  just can’t contain our excitement that Michael Halicki will join Park Pride as the head of the team on August 26th!

Michael enjoying a picnic in Centennial Park with his family!

We know he’s the man for the job. First of all, he loves parks! Among his favorite activities include jogging with his dog in Grant Park, taking his kids to the park playground and pool, and picnicking (as evidence in the above picture of him and his family enjoying a wonderful afternoon in Centennial Park)!

But not only is he big on parks, but Michael also comes with an impressive 18 year career in communications, public policy and nonprofit management; he’s an experienced leader in Georgia’s nonprofit environmental community and will use his expertise to lead the Park Pride team to improve parks in Atlanta and DeKalb County.

For the last 3 years, Michael has served as the COO of Southface, another Atlanta-based nonprofit supporting green building and sustainable design, leading their strategic planning efforts and establishing organizational policies that directly contributed to the nonprofit’s growth. He’s also held senior leadership roles for two well-known Georgia-based environmental nonprofits, The Clean Air Campaign and the Georgia Conservancy.

IMG_5221We’re so lucky to have him!

And Michael’s first official statement as Executive Director of Park Pride? “Working together, we will give new meaning to Park Pride’s call for more and better parks.”


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