Meet Alexis Haggerty: Park Pride’s New Communications & Development Summer Intern!


Park enthusiasts! Meet Alexis Haggerty, Park Pride’s
Communications & Development Summer Intern!

Alexis has joined us with a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication, a minor in photography, and a certification in nonprofit management from Georgia College & State University. During her time in college, she enjoyed working at the school’s volunteer coordinating center and helped with the student run gardening club.

“I am really excited to help tell the stories of the parks that I value so greatly.”
~ Alexis Haggerty

As the Communications & Development Intern, Alexis will provide support on a number of website and re-branding tasks in addition to helping maintain Park Pride’s social media channels.  Most importantly, she will help us to tell YOUR park stories!

Learn more about Alexis through our short interview below.

Why are parks important?

Parks provide invaluable services to our neighborhoods. They are common areas that help foster community. Great parks promote healthy living, both physically and mentally. Parks are especially important in a place like Atlanta because they provide much-needed getaways from high-stress city life!

Park Pride’s mission is “to engage communities to activate the power of parks.” In what ways are parks “powerful”?

The power comes from the value that the community puts in them. The more widely used a park is, the more power it has in bringing the community together. Parks also allow the people who care for them to take pride in something, so individuals are being empowered as well.

Why is it important for communities to have a voice in their parks? 

Parks are there for the community members, so it is crucial that they are happy with them! If they have a sense of pride in their parks, they are more likely to help maintain that space and spend their time there.

What are you looking forward to the most about your position as the Communications & Development Intern?

I am really excited to help tell the stories of the parks that I value so greatly. Community members do so much to keep their parks in good condition, and they deserve to be recognized. I am looking forward to having a little role in the great things happening at Park Pride.

What’s your favorite local park?

My favorite local park is definitely Piedmont Park. I love lounging on the lawn or taking my pup to make new friends at the dog park. Additionally, the connection it provides to the Atlanta Beltline, the Atlanta Botanical Garden, and all of the restaurants in the area makes spending time there so effortless.

What’s your favorite park activity? 

It’s hard to choose one favorite, but in my opinion, you can’t beat a simple picnic. Gathering friends together, sitting in the grass, and eating good food has to be one of my favorite ways to spend time. Sitting in a hammock under the trees is a close second.

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