March Madness: Park Workers Recognition

This March, Park Pride received numerous nominations on behalf of City of Atlanta parks workers for our Park Workers Recognition Program from citizens who appreciate all the hard work that goes into maintaining our greenspace!

Parks Department employees are nominated for providing:

  1. Excellent customer service;
  2. World class execution of routine maintenance;
  3. Timely support of approved citizen led special projects;
  4. Team work to coworkers: working across departments, districts or to support park improvements.

We’re proud to announce the three employees who were selected as this month’s award winners!

Monica Robinson | Administrative Assistant Senior

April 2015! 008

Monica is “VERY knowledgeable about the parks, she takes her time to hear the citizen and goes above and beyond to satisfy their needs. She’s always willing to assist, ALWAYS has a smile on her face even if she is frustrated, and brings positive energy into the office every morning.”

Allen Kirkland | Skilled Services

When asked how Allen has demonstrated good customer service skills, his nominator replied: “A fledgeling community garden group at Center Hill needed irrigation for their lot, which had not had any kind of plumbing before. Mr. Kirkland met them on-site and spent an hour explaining what they would need, who could help them install the proper system (connection, backflow protection, etc.) and drew a schematic. He gave wise, professional advice: for example, what to ask potential service providers to ensure that they would be able to do the job correctly. He also shared his personal contact information, followed up with their numerous questions and helped them navigate the installation process.”

May Week One 002

Of Alan, his nominator states: “He answers every telephone call I make to him, addresses every issue, attends every meeting I request of him and follows up on every unresolved issue. He led a team of park workers to clear South Bend Park of illegally dumped tires on a Saturday before we even had the chance to ask him to. I feel that our park is in great hands with our park supervisor: Alan!”

We extend our thanks to ALL parks employees working hard to keep our greenspaces looking their best!

Don’t forget to nominate park workers you see doing world class work for recognition by filling out this form and submitting nominations to Ayanna Williams by the 3rd Friday of each month!

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