Group Volunteer Opportunities

Park Pride offers a lot of exciting ways for groups large and small to participate in improving our community parks.

Whether you’re with a community or corporate group, volunteering in a park is a great way for you and your peers to give back to the community while promoting teamwork and healthy outdoor activity.

What to Expect

Park Pride custom coordinates a wide-variety of projects to create meaningful opportunities for groups interested in volunteering their time and efforts. From mulching and painting, to picking up litter and clearing invasive plants, volunteers take on a wide variety of beneficial park improvement projects. While each project and each park is different, there are a few things that you can always expect while planning or participating in a volunteer day with Park Pride:

  • A highly organized and efficient volunteer experience in a park.
  • Volunteer events take place any day during the week or weekend, and most projects last for three hours, usually from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.
  • Park Pride will provide tools and gloves.
  • Knowledgeable staff on site that will provide project and safety demonstrations and answer any questions from volunteers.
  • Lots of FUN!

Get Started

To set up a volunteer project for your group, please email Park Pride’s Volunteer Manager with the following information:

1. Three Possible Dates to Volunteer

When are you interested in volunteering? Please indicate at least three possible dates in case your first choice is already taken. Please reach out to Park Pride to schedule a project at least 30 days ahead of time, or plan on being flexible with dates and locations. We generally schedule projects a month in advance, but during peak season –Spring and Fall – we may require more advance notice. Also, if you are looking to volunteer on a national day of service – such as MLK Jr. Day, Earth Day, 9/11 Day of Service, National Public Lands Day – please plan ahead as our projects fill up quickly.

2. Anticipated Number of Volunteers

How many volunteers do you expect to come out to the workday? How many of the volunteers are youth, and what are their ages? (Project scopes of work are greatly influenced by the number of volunteers, so please gauge your group’s interest before sending an accurate estimate.)

3. Where You Want to Volunteer

Is there a specific park that is meaningful to you where you would like to see some improvements? Is there a specific area of town where you would like to volunteer? Or, are you willing to go wherever you are most needed?

4. Do You Have a Budget

Do you have a budget available to purchase project materials? (A budget is not required, but providing project materials opens up additional project opportunities. Contributions for project materials are made as a tax-deductible donation.)

5. Additional Details

Is there any other information about your group that will help us in deciding the most appropriate park and project?


Next Steps

Once we receive your email, Park Pride will respond to confirm we received your request and to ask any follow-up questions. We’ll coordinate with our Friends of the Park groups, Atlanta BeltLine Adopter groups, the City of Atlanta or DeKalb County Parks Department to determine what the most appropriate and beneficial project will be. Park Pride will develop the scope of work for your project, coordinate all appropriate materials, tools, and gloves, and offer day-of project management. All you have to do is show up and volunteer!

For smaller groups (up to around 40 volunteers, depending on the project scope), Park Pride has enough tools and gloves to outfit your volunteers free of charge. For larger groups, we rent tools from the Atlanta Community ToolBank and we ask the volunteer group to cover the nominal tool rental fee.