Georgia Legacy Legislation Up for Vote This Year

Georgia Legacy is an initiative supported by a coalition of conservation organizations, including Park Pride, that focuses on preserving our state’s economy and quality of life. 

How?  By creating a new funding source for the acquisition and stewardship of lands critical to water supply, wildlife and outdoor recreation. If approved by the General Assembly this year, voters would have the opportunity to approve Georgia Legacy in a referendum this fall. 

Georgia Legacy would dedicate a portion of the existing state sales tax on outdoor recreation equipment for conservation purposes. Without raising or creating a new tax, it is estimated that as much as $40 million every year would be made available for conservation, including the acquisition and improvement of local parks and trails in Atlanta and throughout the state.

The next step for Georgia Legacy is the passage of House Bill 693 and House Resolution 907 by the Georgia General Assembly.   If passed by the legislature and then approved by the voters in November 2016, local cities and counties would be able to submit proposals for loans or grants beginning next year. 

Other coalition partners include The Conservation Fund, the Georgia Conservancy, Georgia Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited and The Trust for Public Land. 

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