Fundraising Inspiration: Peachtree Hills Pet Calendar

When the Friends of Peachtree Hills Park sat down to brainstorm fundraising ideas, they knew that to be successful in meeting their financial goals, they would need the support of the park’s “power users” – dogs! Or, dog owners to be more exact. And as it turns out, people will pay good money to have their pups featured in a community dog calendar 🙂

Getting people to sign up to have their furry friends included in the calendar was easy. The Friends group publicized the opportunity through emails to the group’s listserve, through the neighborhood association, and by posting fliers around the community. For $35, Fido could have his picture featured on a 1/4 page of the calendar; a 1/2 page photo went for $70, and a full-page layout for $100.


Additionally, the Friends of the Park group tapped into a second target audience, local businesses, by inviting them to purchase ad space within the calendar: 1/8  page for $75, 1/4 page for $150, 1/2 page for $300 and a full- page ad for $500.

The calendar was so popular with both dog and business owners that pages had to be added to the back of the calendar to accommodate all of the submissions!


Community: Peachtree Hills
Park: Peachtree Hills Park
Class: Individual Solicitations
Funds Raised: $7,000
Contact: Betty Hanacek

Adapt this idea!

Take a look at the demographics of your community. Does anything stand out? Use the unique personality and interests of your neighborhood to your advantage when thinking of fundraising strategies that will appeal directly to them.

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