Fundraising Inspiration: Lang-Carson Park Cornhole Tournament

The Friends of Lang-Carson Park was keen on hosting an event to bring positive energy into the park and raise awareness within the neighborhood. In order to reach Reynoldstown’s growing demographic of young families, the group decided to organize an event that would speak to this generation: a cornhole tournament!



For $20, a team of two could enter the tournament in the park. The group’s primary form of promotion was through social media – they created a Facebook event and invited everyone that they could to attend. Friends invited friends, many of whom live outside Reynoldstown. A flier was created and shared online with neighbors via the web-portal NextDoor, as well as the neighborhood Yahoo! message board. The Friends of Lang-Carson Park also took advantage of promoting their tournament through traditional media as well and landed a mention in Atlanta INtown.



The group found clever ways to raise additional funds at the event. For $5, you could screen-print your very own “Friends of Lang-Carson Park” t-shirt (a great activity for kids). For $3, you could purchase a wrist band to get alcoholic beverages. Both the screen-printing materials and the alcohol were donated by community members, meaning that the money raised went 100% to the Friends group!

The tournament was a complete success. Not only did it raise about $800 for the group, but it also generated awareness of the park to those inside and outside the neighborhood and activated the park in a creative, family-friendly way. Most important to the group, however, was the cornhole tournament’s ability to bring neighbors together, giving them a chance to bond over a shared pastime.




Community: Reynoldstown
Park: Lang-Carson Park
Class: Events
Funds Raised: $800
Contact: Amber Keen

Of Note: 

Although this tournament raised just a modest amount, the group feels that it served as an important friend-raiser for the community. As the awareness of the park and the Friends of Lang-Carson Park increase in the community, they feel they will be able to build on the success of this fundraiser.

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