Fundraising Inspiration for Your Park: Jennie Drake Park’s Brick Sale

The most commonly used donor recognition program is the brick sale. Donors purchase a brick for the park which will be engraved as per their request and placed in a designated area (walkway, recognition wall, courtyard, etc.). The fundraising committee must determine the best price for bricks ($50 and $100 are the most commonly used amounts).


Jennie drake park bricks


In 2013, the Friends of Jennie Drake Park launched a brick sale to reach their financial match required by an awarded Community Building Grant from Park Pride. A classy modification to the sale of traditional red bricks – which were sold with a $100 donation – the Friends group also sold black granite bricks which went to donors giving between $500 – $999! By the end of the campaign, the group had sold two times the number of bricks required to reach their fundraising goal.


JDP-Phase1_Anthony DuBose


Brick sales are a logical way to recognize donors as you build out functional park amenities. At Jennie Drake Park, the bricks sold through this campaign were used as part of the park’s new entrance and seating area.



Community: Collier Heights
Park: Jennie Drake Park
Class: Donor Recognition
Funds Raised: $14,000

Of Note:

Some Friends of the Park group members may feel uncomfortable selling bricks, or asking for donations in general. The Friends of Jennie Drake Park recommend preparing group members for fundraising and making “sales pitches” by pairing group members who don’t enjoy sales with those who do to act as mentors.

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