From Vision to Reality: Leveraging Park Pride Programming at Mountain Way Common

IMG_9519Mountain Way Common (a 10 acre swath of natural greenspace located 80 feet under GA 400) is more than just Buckhead’s newest park; it shows how a Friends of the Park group can pair their persistence and passion for greenspace with Park Pride’s programming to achieve amazing results.

The community surrounding Mountain Way Common did not have a public park in their neighborhood, a fact that inspired neighbors to take action and form a Friends of the Park group in connection with Park Pride. The group was accepted into the Park Visioning Program, and after completing the process, received a $100,000 Park Pride Legacy Grant for which they raised matching funds for the installation of a footbridge over Little Nancy Creek.

To maintain momentum, the Friends group regularly hosts volunteer park cleanup days for community members, raising awareness for Mountain Way Common and building the neighbors’ sense of ownership of the space. On August 8th, 40 people turned out on a Park Pride volunteer day to clear invasive privet, create a trailhead entrance, and define a walking trail that runs parallel to Little Nancy Creek.

Dr. Ammar Divan, a community resident excited for the opportunity that Mountain Way Common presents for Buckhead, dove headfirst into the day’s work.


“This greenspace is a huge resource for our neighborhood,” he explained. “It won’t become what we want it to become unless we roll up our sleeves and get to work!”

The Friends group looks forward to continuing their close relationship with Park Pride and leveraging the tools and resources provided through our programming. Future plans for Mountain Way Common as highlighted in the Park Vision include an outdoor classroom, a community gathering space, a play area, and a connection to the PATH400 trail. Park Pride is excited to assist in the park’s ongoing development, side-by-side with the community.

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