Final Concept Plan for Memorial Drive Greenway

Congratulations! Thanks to your input and feedback, the community-led Park Visioning process, facilitated by Park Pride, has been completed. The final concept plan for Memorial Drive Greenway (below) was presented at a public meeting on February 28th.

Friends of Memorial Drive Greenway (MDG) and Park Pride THANK YOU for your effort and input to the plan over the last ten months!

The Final Conceptual Plan

This final conceptual plan, which was presented to the public on February 28th, is combination of the initial concept plans and the feedback received from you. This plan:

  • envisions a continuous park experience with lots of trees, seating, shade, water, and paths.
  • prioritizes pedestrians on streets near Historic Oakland Cemetery to create space for festival tents and markets.
  • presumes that a planned affordable housing development could be relocated to a nearby location through a land swap agreement with the city or the state.
  • envisions a full cap over the I-85/75 Connector to create a large park space connecting the Capitol building to the rest of the park.
  • creates a variety of destinations in the park, including an arboretum, a day chapel, fountains, paths, cafés, gardens, and small restaurants.
  • connects over Hill Street using an ADA-accessible pedestrian bridge to increase safety and offer views of downtown.

This conceptual plan is a tool that can be used to fundraise and advocate for what would be a visionary step forward for the surrounding neighborhoods and a source of pride for the City and State!

What can you do to help?

In the weeks following the final design, Friends of Memorial Drive Greenway will be preparing to engage the community and elected officials to make this park happen! Now is a great time to get involved with the Friends group to ensure that your voice and ideas are heard!

  • Join the Friends of Memorial Drive Facebook group and share with others you think would be interested in learning more about this endeavor.
  • Contact Brent Beatty, leader of the Friends group, at if you’re interested in volunteering and learning more.
  • Continue to talk about the park with your friends, neighbors, and elected officials!

5 thoughts on “Final Concept Plan for Memorial Drive Greenway

  1. This is amazing. A forward-thinking, high-quality plan, involving all the best input and support of the community! And in true Atlanta style, it will never, ever, ever, actually be done. The Calatrava Bridge at 17th Street, the Calatrava Symphony Hall, Beltline light transit with no light transit, the Olympics–there is no end to the all-show-and-no-substance self-image promoted by this city. Everything is big dreams and low results, all high-expectation and pure disappointment. I expect nothing less out of this “plan”, which is little more than conversation filler for the next cocktail party.

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