DRAFT: Park Visioning Page

Park Pride believes that a world-class park begins with a strong, community-supported design.

Led by professional landscape architects on staff, the Park Visioning Program guides four communities each year through a process that converts that community’s park dreaminto a conceptual master plan that can be used as a blueprint to guide the park’s development or redevelopment.

What to Expect

Our park visioning process hinges on a robust, inclusive public engagement strategy, which is tailored to each community and is most successful when participants are open to various outcomes.

While every park visioning is unique, each community undergoing park visioning can expect:

The scheduling of monthly meetings of a community steering committee with Park Pride’s visioning team over the 5-10 month process to inform the understanding of the community’s needs. The steering committee will help to develop and implement the public engagement strategy as well as participate in design discussions and decisions at monthly meetings. Committee members should represent a broad and diverse spectrum of community interests

Get Started

The Park Visioning Program is about more than just creating a master plan for a neighborhood park. Park visioning involves education and dialogue with the whole communitymaking it possible for the community to present a unified voice in the planning of their park. This is an opportunity for neighbors to come together and build consensus around a park master plan that meets the unique needs of the community.

In short, park visioning is about more than just designing great parks;
it is about building better communities.

Additionally, funders of park projects always ask who supports a given project, so broad community participation is a fundamental necessity for successful park development or redevelopment.

Learn More

Park Visioning assists communities in building consensus and articulating their strategic goals for the future of their parks. See the completed Park Visions below:

Park Visionings


Grant Park

Grant Park

This is an awesome park next to the zoo

Another Park

Another Park

This is an awesome park next to the school

Yet Another Park

Yet Another Park

This is an awesome park next to the solarium


Smith Park

Smith Park

This is an awesome park next to the computer lab