Donate to Park Pride on GA Gives Day!

Our lives have all been touched by a nonprofit, whether it’s the hospital we were born in, the schools that educate us, the parks and arts we enjoy or the animal shelter where we found our best friend.2013 GGD Logo

On November 13th, Park Pride is participating in Georgia Gives Day, a statewide giving event, aiming to inspire individuals to donate to non-profits with the goal of raising as much money as possible within a 24-hr period. You can make your community a safer, happier and better place to live by visiting and donating to the nonprofit that means the most to you.

Parks and greenspace in Atlanta & DeKalb could sure use your help! We know from studies that a great park system fosters quality of life, improving the physical and mental health of all those who enjoy it. However, a rich and vibrant park system accomplishes so much more than that; a neighborhood park reduces crime, cleans the environment, strengthens the social ties, and spurs economic development.

BUT, this year The Trust for Public Land placed Atlanta’s park system at number 31 out of 50 among the largest US cities; that’s “park poor” according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Your donation to Pride will help create better parks, and stronger, healthier communities!

Check out more info on the Park Pride website, and also see our profile on the Georgia Gives Day portal. Hope you’ll consider supporting with a gift!

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