Congratulations 2014 Inspiration Award Winners!

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On Monday, March 31, 2014, Park Pride announced ten recipients for the 2014 Inspiration Awards during the Parks and Greenspace Conference, recognizing leadership that has led to tangible results in parks and greenspaces in Atlanta.

“This year’s Inspiration Awards focus on the concept of teamwork,” said Park Pride’s Executive Director Michael Halicki. “Our awards recognize not just single individuals but team players who work with others to affect change.”

[vimeo 91319597 w=500 h=281]Fourth Ward Park from Park Pride on Vimeo.

Nine of the Inspiration Award winners were commended for their participation as citizen advocates for Historic Fourth Ward Park, acting in the early days when the creation of a new park was not certain. The “citizen advocates and unsung heroes” of Historic Fourth Ward Park and this year’s Inspiration Award winners include: Judy Clements, Marie Cowser, Bill Eisenhauer, Jacqueline Echols, Ph.D., Derek Matory, David Patton, John Perlman, Markham Smith, and Cedric Stallworth. Each of these individuals contributed in different yet vital ways to the creation of Historic Fourth Ward Park. Check out the Park Pride website for a description of each of the winners’ contribution to H4WP!



The tenth Inspiration Award winner, Ellen Wickersham, has been a transformational change agent with Invest Atlanta since 2004 through her role as Senior Project Manager, Parks and Greenspace Acquisition. Over the decade, Ellen facilitated the acquisition of 500 acres of new parkland in the City of Atlanta. Her passion for parks is evident through her role on Park Pride’s Board of Directors and as a member of the Parks and Greenspace Conference Committee. Though she is moving on from her position with Invest Atlanta, we’re happy to announce that she will remain active and involved in parks and greenspace issues!

[vimeo 91319598 w=500 h=281] Ellen Wickersham from Park Pride on Vimeo.

Each Inspiration Award winner received a one-of-a-kind piece forged from re-purposed iron railroad spikes, glass and wood, generously crafted and donated by Andrew Lovell and Mark Wentz, local artists connected to Park Pride by the Lifecycle Building Center.



The artists had a beautiful vision for these pieces:

Captured in watery glass and supported by a forged iron railroad spike, this award offers a simple flower and stem, the emblems of Park Pride. The flower, in its transparency, represents the life-giving potential of water that connects with the water-related theme of this year’s conference. The stem, transformed through heat and determination, reflects the re-purposing of old, forgotten Atlanta railways into vibrant greenspaces that bring new life to our urban environments.

Thank you Andrew and Mark, and congratulations again to all the 2014 Inspiration Award winners!