Celebrating 25 Years with Park Pride




As Park Pride’s first and longest-serving employee, Allison Barnett has helped to shape the organization, creating important programs and services that have impacted over 250 parks and communities for the greener good.

“I have always believed that access to greenspace is critical to quality of life for every person. But my time at Park Pride has taught me what is truly special about parks – how they bring communities together.”
Allison Barnett

Hired as Park Pride’s first executive director, she has watched the organization grow from a staff of one to a staff of 12 dedicated park advocates. When asked for words to describe Allison, staff responded with “the foundation,” “the rock,” and “the heart and soul of Park Pride.”

Today, thanks to Allison’s quarter-century of leadership and dedication to parks, Park Pride works with nearly 100 Friends of the Park groups, 61 Fiscal Partners, 22 community gardens and thousands of volunteers each year!

Please help to celebrate Allison Barnett’s MANY contributions to local parks and communities by making a contribution to Park Pride today in her honor.


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