Calling for Nominations for the 2015 Inspiration Awards!

Attention passionate park people: Park Pride is seeking nominations for the 2015 Inspiration Awards!

Nominate Now!

All nominations are due by 5pm, Friday, January 9, 2015.

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2014 Inspiration Award

Each year, Park Pride recognizes outstanding achievements in the parks and greenspace field through the Inspiration Awards. They honor leaders who, through their actions, inspire others to expand and improve public parks and greenspaces, and raise awareness about critical, relevant issues.

The 2015 Awards will reflect the theme of the Parks & Greenspace Conference: Parks & People: A Declaration of Interdependence. This theme will focus on the direct (though complex) relationship between parks and their surrounding communities. Leaders and champions who have strengthened the bond between a park and surrounding community, thereby benefiting both, are the individuals we seek to honor with this year’s Inspiration Awards.

Sound like someone you know? Nominate them!

The Inspiration Awards nominees will be assessed by the following criteria*:

  1. Leadership
  2. Long-term commitment
  3. Tangible results
  4. Innovation
  5. Alignment with conference theme (i.e., community champions that advance parks and greenspace in their communities)

* The award will focus on volunteers (people who are not paid for their work) from across Park Pride’s service area (City of Atlanta and DeKalb County), but nominees who have gone “over and above” their work duties to advance parks and greenspace will also be considered.

A total of SIX honorees will be selected to receive the Inspiration Award.

Visit the Inspiration Award page on the Park Pride website and submit a nomination before 5pm on Friday, January 9th!

Read more about past Inspiration Award Winners.

2014 Inspiration Award Winners

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