Advocate for Parks Funding in DeKalb

Attention Park Advocates! DeKalb County could possibly obtain a surplus of $21 million in funds from refinancing  bonds at a lower interest rate. Please ask your Commissioner to support the reinvestment of a minimum of 15% ($3.15 million) to be distributed equitably throughout the 5 Districts back into parks! 3 ACTION ITEMS:  Attend a meeting (see … Continue Reading →

Georgia Legacy Legislation Up for Vote This Year

Georgia Legacy is an initiative supported by a coalition of conservation organizations, including Park Pride, that focuses on preserving our state’s economy and quality of life.  How?  By creating a new funding source for the acquisition and stewardship of lands critical to water supply, wildlife and outdoor recreation. If approved by the General Assembly this … Continue Reading →

Supporting Park Pride | GreenShortz

Do you have pride in your park? In this interview with Park Pride executive director Michael Halicki, he explains the role of the organization and how to get involved as a supporter or volunteer. Also learn how to have Park Pride help your community revitalize your local park.

The Birth of Jennie Drake Park

A Letter from Pauline Drake, Steering Committee Chair of Jennie Drake Park Dear Park Supporter, The Friends of Jennie Drake Park want to thank you for your contribution to Park Pride, a group whose support we’ve received since we formed a “Friends” group a few years ago. Since the beginning, their staff has done a … Continue Reading →

Giving thanks, and giving back, to parks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that has us thinking about our blessings. 2015 has been a phenomenal year for Park Pride and those communities with which we work. As we reflect on the past 12 months, we’re thankful: that the Oakland City community has a wonderful new pool, playground, splashpad and pool house at … Continue Reading →

Become a Park Advocate: Perspective from Esther Stokes

Park Pride Board Member – Esther Stokes Advocacy Committee Chair Years involved with Park Pride: 10 Neighborhood Parks: Piedmont Park and Brookwood Hills Park As chair of Park Pride’s Advocacy Committee, I believe that all Atlantans in all neighborhoods should have access to quality parks. Advocating for our parks is important work because (1) Atlanta … Continue Reading →

Recent Park Improvements: Plan a Visit!

Since 2004 and with support from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation (Legacy Grants), The Home Depot Foundation (Community Building Grants), and the Cecil B. Day Foundation (Small Change Grants), Park Pride has awarded more than $3.6 million through our re-granting program to help communities pay for new playgrounds, land acquisition, improved signage, new trails, exercise … Continue Reading →

A Refreshing Change for Reverend James Orange Park

It’s Wednesday, July 8th, and you can’t find two smiles bigger in Oakland City (Southwest Atlanta) than those on the faces of Jernard Evans and Terry White. These teens, who live within blocks of Reverend James Orange Park and are involved in the recreation center’s teen program, are psyched about the changes they’ve seen take … Continue Reading →

Educating Future Designers & Planners

How does Park Pride influence the future of landscape architecture and community engagement? Park Pride has built a robust intern program for aspiring landscape architects within the Park Visioning Program. Walt Ray, the Director of Park Visioning and registered landscape architect, teaches the principles of the “Park Pride Way,” our unique bottom-up approach of park … Continue Reading →

A Closer Look at Park Visioning

The Park Visioning Program utilizes a straightforward process that yields big results! THE PROCESS A community is guided through a series of stakeholder meetings where they are encouraged to dream and form consensus around the priority projects they have for the design (or re-design) of their park. A steering committee of community members holds check-ins … Continue Reading →