Advocating for Greenspace


A message from Park Pride’s Executive Director, Michael Halicki:

Atlanta’s City Council Budget Briefing on parks a few weeks back was called to order with these words: “Next up, we have Parks and Recreation, the only department that has its own cheering section. Thanks for being here, Park Pride.” A cluster of attendees wearing “I Heart Parks” shirts leaned forward and perked up their ears.

It is an exciting time to be paying attention to parks and greenspace in the City of Atlanta. Last year, we saw an increase of $1 million (FY 2015) in the City of Atlanta’s budget for park operations and maintenance – the first increase we’d seen since the recession.

As we engage in the days leading up to the approval of the FY 2016 budget, we appear to be looking at another incremental increase in the budget for this year. This is an encouraging trend. The questions is whether the incremental increase is proportional to the increasing expectations. For parks to live up to their full potential as catalysts in our communities, we need to move beyond an incremental approach. To get there, we need your help.

What’s Next?

Atlanta City Council is holding a vote for the 2016 budget on Wednesday, June 24th at 3pm. Join us in the cheering section for parks at Atlanta City Hall (55 Trinity Ave SW Atlanta, GA 30303), and be sure to wear your green!

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