A Journey Towards More Greenspace

The first Steering Committee meeting for the greenway along Memorial Drive.

On May 18th, neighbors, business owners, and nonprofit representatives from along Memorial Drive joined the first Steering Committee meeting of Park Pride’s Park Visioning Program. These dedicated stakeholders have embarked on an eight month journey of community building, negotiating, and stretching their imaginations with the ultimate goal of adopting a community-backed park masterplan.

The second Steering Committee meeting in action.

Led by the Director of Park Visioning, Andrew White, a professional landscape architect, this group will work to articulate the community’s needs for the proposed linear park that wold run the length of Memorial Drive between Oakland Cemetery and the State Capitol. White will then incorporate the community’s ideas into a conceptual masterplan.

The Steering Committee beginning a walking tour of the proposed park space.

The hopes within the Steering Committee for the park are as diverse as the committee members themselves, but a single dream binds them together: that the park, which is tentatively being called the “Memorial Drive Greenway,” will someday be a space that unites neighborhoods and is enjoyed by families and individuals of all ages and abilities.

For information about Park Visioning, visit bit.ly/parkvisioning.

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