A Greenspace Vision for Summerhill



Recently, residents of Summerhill in southeast Atlanta found themselves at a critical juncture in their neighborhood’s development. Nearby Turner Field is facing redevelopment; Atlanta Public Schools is planning a renovation that includes the conversion of an existing greenspace into a parking lot; and the City of Atlanta is looking at installing underground vaults to store combined sewage beneath local greenspace. The community is very concerned about the impact of these projects on their local parks and is determined to have a voice in the plans.




Friends of Summerhill Parks’ leader, Bryan Adams, explained how the group hopes that Park Pride’s Park Visioning process will bring the community together to create a master plan for the neighborhood parks which would inform the multiple planning efforts underway in the neighborhood. “Our overarching goal,” Adams said, “is to have a vibrant, cohesive community, to become a destination for families, businesses, and retail, and to have fun and active parks for all residents of Summerhill and the surrounding neighborhoods!”




Park Pride’s Visioning team, Walt Ray and Becky Katz, are excited for the opportunity to help give the residents of Summerhill a voice in the future of their community. They kicked-off the Summerhill Park Visioning with a public meeting and design workshop and are actively coordinating with the numerous parties involved in the development efforts in the neighborhood.

For more information about Park Pride’s Visioning Program, visit https://www.parkpride.org/get-involved/community-programs/park-visioning.

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  1. I would like to see if we could get all the Summerhill Organizations and Developers together for a Brokers Open House. Tour the new renovations owned by developer Carter undergoing renovations now along Georgia Avenue. Invite new Retail tenants. I have a new listing in Orchard Court in Summerhill we could use to facilitate the meeting. Any contact information would be great.

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