A Closer Look at Park Visioning

The Park Visioning Program utilizes a straightforward process that yields big results!



  1. A community is guided through a series of stakeholder meetings where they are encouraged to dream and form consensus around the priority projects they have for the design (or re-design) of their park.
  2. A steering committee of community members holds check-ins with the Visioning team over the six to eight month visioning process to guide the direction of progress and understanding of the community’s needs.
  3. A tangible park master plan is produced that includes the list of projects desired, as well as the graphics and site plans necessary to help the community envision possible outcomes.
Mattie Freeland Final Visioning
Park Visioning Master Plan for Mattie Freeland Greenspace.

The Visioning Program has built a trusted reputation with park funders; Park Pride has worked with 34 communities in the City of Atlanta to develop master plans which have helped to attract more than $14 million of investment to implement community-created “Park Visions.”

For more information about Park Pride’s Park Visioning Program, visit the Park Pride website.

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