2016: Activating the Power of Parks



2016 is off to a strong start for Park Pride with many exciting developments expected in the coming year. In late January, the Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan that will guide the organization’s direction for the next three to five years.

When we kicked-off the strategic planning process in the spring of 2015, I entered with the assumption that Park Pride was already doing as much as we possibly could for our city’s parks, greenspaces and communities. But as the months progressed and we continued to carefully examine all of the different layers that make up Park Pride, I’m happy to say that my assumption was incorrect.

After careful thought and consideration, the strategic plan we’ve adopted will deepen our impact in parks and greenspace more than ever before in our 25 year history. We’ve stayed true to our core; we will continue to listen and respond to the needs of communities to advance wins for parks and greenspace. We’ve dug deep to pinpoint the most vital aspects of our work, and we will build on those, adding capacity to accomplish even more.

It begins with our new mission:
to engage communities to activate the power of parks.

It is our belief that great parks have the power to increase quality of life and strengthen the fabric of our city. Park Pride’s efforts in the years to come will focus on helping communities understand the importance of parks and access their many benefits.

Our new strategic plan defines the path by which Park Pride will progress toward our vision of “a nationally recognized network of locally inspired parks, greenspaces and trails that engages individuals, strengthens communities and transforms Atlanta.”

Park Pride’s board and staff are invigorated with the new energy that this plan brings, and we look forward to sharing this journey with you!

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Michael Halicki
Executive Director

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